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Your hosted workload, our skills

Our expertise at your service

We help you build your project with XCP-ng pro support included.
Get the best infrastructure for your needs thanks to our XCP-ng expertise.

Turnkey Cloud

We install, configure and host everything, you just enjoy it.
No surprises: our XCP-ng experts deliver a turnkey XCP-ng infrastructure.


Grow or shrink your hosted infrastructure as needed.
No need to purchase any hardware, we handle everything for you.

Flat rate

No unplanned expenses: you can use your hosts as you like.
Your hosted XCP-ng infrastructure is 100% dedicated to you and you only.

Use cases

Disaster Recovery

Replicate your VMs in our XCP-ng Cloud. In case of a disaster on your side, you can instantly boot your workload on our Cloud, as well as live migrate your VMs into a new site.

Hybrid Cloud

Extend your existing infrastructure with no additional hardware costs, live migrate your workload from your on-prem infrastructure to the Cloud and vice-versa.

Full Cloud

Ready to use, deployed on a 100% dedicated bare metal server that has been carefully tested and installed by our team. Everything you need is available with predictable costs and pro support included.

Specific Load

We'll help you achieve any kind of workload you need on our Cloud (containers, monitoring…). Thanks to our XCP-ng expertise, we are able to find the best way to achieve what you need, without upfront costs.

Contact us

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