XOSTOR Beta is coming

XOSTOR is a solution born from the cooperation between Vates, editor of the virtualization platform XCP-ng and LINBIT, editor of the solution LINSTOR, specialist in block storage and technology.

With XOSTOR, you can create a virtual SAN based on DRBD technology, running at the XCP-ng hypervisor level. A turnkey solution to help you build your hyperconverged infrastructures.

Want to join the beta? Leave your email here and we will contact you.

Learn more about XOSTOR

We already wrote content about XOSTOR and our collaboration with LINBIT, if you want to learn more and explore the future possibilities of the solution, here are some resources you can use.

XCP-ng and Linbit Alliance

Information about our collaboration, the potential of DRBD technology and details about LINBIT solutions.

XCP-ng and Linbit Alliance #2

More information about the integration of LINBIT solutions into XCP-ng and benchmarks of our first results.