$600 per host & per year
  • 6 support tickets/year
  • SSH pro support
  • 1 business day response time

$600 /host/year

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$1,200 per host & per year
  • unlimited support tickets
  • SSH pro support
  • 1 hour response time (critical issues)
  • Initial setup assistance
  • Linux drivers integration on demand
  • Upgrade assistance
  • XCP-ng devs direct access

$1,200 /host/year

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Other services

  • XCP-ng in the Cloud

    We are hosting dedicated XCP-ng infrastructure bundled with pro support and validated hardware.

  • XCP-ng Long Term Support

    XCP-ng 8.2 LTS edition will be supported during 5 years, including security patches, and critical bugfix.

Our Pro Support services

More than just a support service, our team of Xen experts will become your best ally in helping you reduce your IT costs. We're not just here to answer your incident tickets, we're also here to help you with your PoC's, give you advice and guide you on best practices so you can avoid problems before they happen. We've got your back at any time and We are here and dedicated to help you get the best out of your hardware infrastructure.

  • XCP-ng founders

    We are the company behind XCP-ng. It means we are 100% dedicated to assist you whenever you need.

  • Optimized for Xen Orchestra

    Xen Orchestra Appliance, the complete web solution for XCP-ng management is optimized to work with XCP-ng!

  • Pro support, no licenses

    We believe in Open Source. Our value is in the service we provide, not in a license number. Simple and efficient.

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Compare us to XenServer

Top Features Description XCP-ng XenServer Free ed.
Maximum pool size Number of hosts you can have in a unique pool 64 3
Dynamic Memory Control (DMC) Automatically adjusts the amount of memory available for use by a guest VM's operating system
Live storage migration Enables administrators to select a new storage repository for a VM’s disks then moving them live without downtime
Live patching Enables administrators to patch hypervisors without needing to migrate, shut down or suspend VMs (no host reboots required)
USB Passthrough Pass through individual, physical USB devices to a VM. The VM's OS can use it as a local USB device
SR-IOV Networking Enables Single Root I/O Virtualization (SR-IOV) - allows a single PCI device to appear as multiple PCI devices on the physical system
GPU Passthrough Enables 3D graphics deployment within VMs and VDI for various utilization (CAD, CAM...)


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