Vates VMS Pro

$1000 per host & per year
  • XCP-ng Technical Support
  • Xen Orchestra Enterprise included:
    • Central management web UI
    • Active Directory or SSO login
    • Incremental, smart or mirror backup
    • Backup auto recovery check
    And much more!
  • unlimited support tickets
  • SSH pro support
  • 1 business day response time

$1000 /host/year

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Vates VMS Enterprise

$1,800 per host & per year
  • XCP-ng Solution Specialists
  • Xen Orchestra Premium included:
    • Warm migration
    • Incremental replication
    • File level restore
    • Load Balancing
    And much more!
  • unlimited support tickets
  • SSH pro support
  • 1 hour response time (critical issues)
  • Initial setup assistance
  • Linux drivers integration on demand
  • Upgrade assistance

$1,800 /host/year

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Compare XCP-ng with other virtualization solutions

XCP-ng stands as the premier open-source virtualization platform, tailored for businesses seeking a robust alternative to VMware. Leveraging the Citrix XenServer hypervisor, XCP-ng offers an enterprise-grade environment, delivering essential features for both large-scale data centers and small businesses. As the most cost-effective substitute for Citrix XenServer, VMware ESXi, and Microsoft Hyper-V, XCP-ng caters specifically to the needs of companies transitioning from VMware.

Elevate your infrastructure with Xen Orchestra, the dedicated web-UI for XCP-ng and XenServer. Designed with precision, it provides an extensive suite of management tools, including comprehensive backup solutions and advanced cloud initiation capabilities, to streamline and enhance your virtualization experience.

The Vates Virtualization Management Stack, encompassing both XCP-ng and Xen Orchestra, represents a cutting-edge alternative to conventional virtualization solutions like VMware.

XCP-ng free vs XenServer free

Top Features Description XCP-ng XenServer Free ed.
Maximum pool size Number of hosts you can have in a unique pool 64 3
Dynamic Memory Control (DMC) Automatically adjusts the amount of memory available for use by a guest VM's operating system
Live storage migration Enables administrators to select a new storage repository for a VM’s disks then moving them live without downtime
Live patching Enables administrators to patch hypervisors without needing to migrate, shut down or suspend VMs (no host reboots required)
USB Passthrough Pass through individual, physical USB devices to a VM. The VM's OS can use it as a local USB device
SR-IOV Networking Enables Single Root I/O Virtualization (SR-IOV) - allows a single PCI device to appear as multiple PCI devices on the physical system
GPU Passthrough Enables 3D graphics deployment within VMs and VDI for various utilization (CAD, CAM...)

Top XCP-ng features

Multi-server management

Manage, monitor and administer all of your infrastructure in a single agentless web interface by using Xen Orchestra.

Live VM Migration

XCP-ng allows you to migrate your VMs live with no downtime.

Accelerated performance

Designed to work with XCP-ng Center (Windows-based) or Xen Orchestra web UI (OS agnostic). You can monitor, administer and manage all of your infrastructure from a single interface.

Storage migration

With live storage migration, you can also move the virtual disk (VDI) within and across resource pools. You can now adapt, administer, and maintain your infrastructure and storage with zero downtime.

Live patching

With live patching, you have the ability to patch the XCP-ng hypervisor without having to migrate VMs from the host, shut down or suspend VMs.


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