XCP-ng support comes in two different plans to answer your unique needs (Standard and Enterprise). We are committed to deliver the highest quality of support for each of them.

  • Support provided by XCP-ng hypervisor developers
  • Remote support through secure SSH tunnel
  • All of our engineers are Xen Experts, and most of them have contributed to XCP-ng and Xen Orchestra development
  • 24 x 7 x 365 support plus one hour response time for critical issues (Enterprise edition)
  • Profit from our expertise and utilize us during the design of your future architecture (Enterprise Edition)

We've got your back 24/7/365

We know that critical issues in your production environment have to be resolved as fast as possible. With XCP-ng Enterprise support, we guarantee a response time of 1 hour or less, and we will assist you as long as required until the issue is resolved.

You can open a support ticket for critical issues at any time.

Support for critical issues

Response time Solution plan Target resolution
1 hour 3 hours 24 hours

What we support

To find out which version of XCP-ng is supported, check our support matrix.

We support XCP-ng and the associated infrastructure that makes up your virtual environment. We cannot provide vendor support for the following components: Hardware (eg: storage, switches, servers), OS (eg: Windows, Linux) or third party software. However, we will troubleshoot the infrastructure as a whole until we have identified the root cause of the problem.

We assume that the client has vendor support or maintenance for all components of their infrastructure. As part of our support, we will work with your vendors in order to resolve the problem. If we identify the root cause of a problem which is out of our support scope, we will share all available information to the concerned vendors on your behalf.

Response time & SLA

The response time will depend on the severity of the the problem you are facing. We will validate the priority of an incident with you.

You can raise an issue through email or our ticket system.

  • Response time: The maximum time in which you will receive a reply.
  • Solution plan: The maximum time until you receive a plan to solve the issue.
  • Target resolution: The timeframe in which we aim to have solved your problem. It will not always be possible to achieve our target resolution, but we commit to a best effort.
Priority Response time Solution plan Target resolution
Critical (enterprise only) 1 hour 3 hours 24 hours
Medium 1 working day 2 working days 3 working days
Low 1 working day 3 working days 5 working days

A team of experts at your service

All of our engineers are Xen experts and many have participated in XCP-ng development. Our team is also behind Xen Orchestra, a Web UI dedicated to XCP-ng and XenServer.